Ballet Mississippi’s classes are open to all student applicants who desire to train in classical ballet and other dance forms. Ballet Mississippi is an equal opportunity school and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, color, national origin or sexual orientation. Students are accepted with or without previous training.

Ballet Mississippi practices an open enrollment policy. Through a process of audition, acceptance and placement, we accept new students at the beginning of a new school year, when classes resume in January, and during the summer workshops. We do not require previous dance training or experience to enroll. Students are placed according to ability and the appropriate class.

New students age 3-6 are places in the Lower School classes based upon the age requirements for those classes (see Curriculum tab). Students ages 7 and older should contact Ballet Mississippi to arrange an evaluation and the appropriate class level. Consideration is given to the age and previous training of all new students.


To register for class, please go to the School tab on our homepage and click on Register Online; or register in person or by mail by the following procedure outlined below. We do not accept registrations by telephone.

There is a $50.00 registration fee per student and the first month’s tuition is due with the registration fee. If a family has more than 2 registered at Ballet Mississippi, there is a 15% discount off the lowest tuition amount. Fall classes begin Monday, August 15. The fall registration deadline is Friday, August 12. Anyone who registers after August 12 will be charged a $25.00 late registration fee.

  • Complete and sign the Registration Form. Forms are available in our offices or download the application here.
  • Attach payment by check or credit card for the Registration Fee and the first Tuition installment. (Tuition may be paid by the month or the full semester.)
  • Mail or hand deliver the completed Registration Form and payment to the Ballet Mississippi office. A student is not registered unless the Ballet Mississippi office (NOT the teacher) has received a completed application and payment.

Download Registration Form Here

TUITION 2015 – 2016

Class Level First Semester Second Semester Monthly Tuition
Mommy & Me

(Ages 2-3)

$275.00 $220.00 $55.00
Creative Movement

(Ages 3-4)

$325.00 $260.00 $65.00

(Ages 5 -6)

$375.00 $300.00 $75.00
Foundations I

(Ages 7-8)

$400.00 $320.00 $80.00
Foundations II

(Ages 8 & up)

$475.00 $380.00 $95.00

(Ages 10+)

$625.00 $500.00 $125.00

(Ages 12+)

$825.00 $660.00 $165.00
Adult Ballet

(1 class per week)

$225.00 $180.00 $45.00


Fees: There is a $50.00 Registration Fee. The Registration Fee and Production Fees are assessed per student and are non-refundable. If Production fees have not been paid by the due date(s), the student will not be permitted to participate in rehearsals and/or the production(s) until the fee is paid.

 Due Dates: The $50.00 Registration Fee & 1st Month’s Tuition are due at registration. Tuition is due at the 1st of the Month. Late fee will be assessed after the 10th. Semester tuition payments are due by August 12 and January 3. Payments may be made online, by mail, or in person.

All tuition is billed August through April. We do not prorate tuition. Full-month tuition is charged to cover December and May classes. Any student who takes even one class a month must pay for the entire month. No refunds are given for classes missed because of illness, injury, vacation or weather. Make-up classes will be scheduled for classes cancelled by Ballet Mississippi.

There is a sibling discount of 15% for each additional student from the same family. The discount is taken off the lowest tuition rate.

Late Payment: Late fees will be assessed after the 10th of the month. Late payment will incur late fees of $10.00 for each month the tuition is in arrears. Checks returned for insufficient funds or declined credit card transactions will incur a $25.00 fee. If an account is not current, the student will not be permitted to attend class or participate in rehearsals or performances.