Featured Artist: Lisa Busby

Lisa Faircloth Busby

Jackson, Miss. – A painter for nine years and a photographer for 20, Lisa Faircloth Busby’s work ranges from whimsical abstract pieces to hauntingly real still-life paintings to captivating portraits and more. She enjoys painting light and emotion, and capturing the world as she sees it. Her current mediums of choice include: oil on linen, oil on board, and drawing with charcoal, but she has a strong interest in continuing to expand her methods, tools, and techniques. Busby especially loves working with live models and painting from life.

“I am inspired by just about everything,” Busby said. “I love the innocence of children and the unbelievable beauty of wild life…birds, deer…just about anything that is alive and moving.”

She started studying the old masters’ way of painting with Mississippi artist Bob Tompkins and has continued her studies with well-known artists Quang Ho, Roger Dale Brown, Dawn Whitelaw, Joe Anna Arnett, Mark Boedges, Stephanie Birdsall, Lucy Mazzaferrro, Jill Steenhuis and Brad Lorbach.

“I have had the privilege of studying with some extremely talented artists and it is a very humbling path that I am on,” Busby said. “As far as the technical aspect of drawing and painting are concerned, as far as the composition and other aspects are concerned, it seems that the more I learn, the less, I realize, I know. I do know that it takes daily commitment and discipline to grow as an artist.”

Busby sites her favorite painters as John Singer Sargent, Joaquín Sorolla, Mary Cassett, Hans Hofmann, Quang Ho, Richard Schmid, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

“I have a deep respect for all artists,” Busby said. “Putting yourself, your work out there…it is a tough thing to do, but is certainly rewarding.”

Busby is a member in good standing with the Mississippi Oil Painters Association as well as Portrait Artist of America. She lives in Jackson with her husband Pat.