Welcome to Ballet Mississippi!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Ballet Mississippi! From the beginning with the founding of the Jackson Ballet in 1964 under the extraordinary guidance of Albia Kavan and Rex Cooper, through many years of hard work and change, Ballet Mississippi has been the leader in dance in our state. We take great pride in the many accomplishments of our past board members and supporters, who along with Thalia Mara brought the USA International Ballet Competition to Jackson. It is a great honor for me to follow my teacher’s footsteps!

For our students, learning and studying in an environment that nurtures the discipline and beauty of dance provides the foundations necessary to pursue a professional career in ballet. We believe that learning the language, discipline and art of ballet also provides the path to success in other areas of life. Of course, not everyone who studies ballet will be a professional danseur or ballerina. Yet, we take great pride in our students’ “after ballet” accomplishments in business, medicine, law, graphic design and entertainment; and we celebrate the achievements of our dancers who pursue professional careers.

Please read this Handbook closely. It describes for you the high standards to which our dancers should aspire as well as the practical information you need to know in interacting with the school. We worked diligently to provide a guidepost and pathway to your child’s success and enjoyment at Ballet Mississippi.

Finally, we are grateful that you have placed your child’s training in our hands! As Thalia Mara, one of Ballet Mississippi’s first Artistic Directors, titled one of her books “To Dance, To Live”; and I know the opposite is equally true!

David Keary