Welcome to the Ballet Mississippi Guild!

With a long rich history of supporting ballet, the Ballet Mississippi Guild continues to be a vibrant support group for Ballet Mississippi. The membership extends far and wide, from parents who work many hours to support their dancers in the school and many productions, to many supporters in our community who love ballet and want to support our efforts to enrich the cultural life in our community.

It is our desire for our students and audiences to have the opportunity to experience the arts through ballet. Come join the energetic and dedicated group of people who are committed to the support and promotion of Ballet Mississippi.

Learn more about how to be a member of the Guild and many different volunteer opportunities by emailing Holly Merkh Crawford @ hollydcrawford@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!

Holly Merkh Crawford

Guild President


Please take a moment to go to Ballet MS Guild Volunteer Sign Up and choose all areas that you would like to participate. You will then be contacted at a later date to receive more specific information as events and needs arise.

2017/2018 Ballet MS Guild Officers:

President: Holly Merkh Crawford

Past President: Carrie Blount

VP of Merchandising: Jacquie Wilson & Rachael McKinney

VP of Hospitality: Celina Sumrall

VP of Backstage/Performance: Carey Yelverton & Courtney Bush

Treasurer: Carey Yelverton