There are absolutely no words that will take away the loss and hurt of losing this beautiful young lady, Frances Anne Fortner. Frances came into Ballet Mississippi about 9 years ago. She is undoubtedly one in a handful of that special breed of dancer. She was, and will remain, one of the most artistic thinking, feeling and expressive dancers that we have all had the pleasure to work with these past years – a true professional in her work. Frances had passion, grace, musicality and knew how to make a difficult passage of choreography look simple, along with an incredible funny sense of humor. Where she was weak, she had this God given talent to turn it upside down and give it back in such a way that the difficult became something else. That is artistry. That is rare. That is Frances Anne. We will miss her and all that she had to give to this world of ours. To keep her memory alive and in an effort to pay it forward, Ballet Mississippi is honored to accept donations in memory of Frances Anne. These gifts will support the young dancers of tomorrow and years to come at Ballet Mississippi. We greatly appreciate your support! Donations in Frances’ Memory May be Made Here.